Message from the president


Dear Adhering and Affiliated Bodies,

I thank you for your presence at Granada and for your contributions, which in no small way, made our ICN a success. We had well over 4000 delegates. Some of the highlights of the ICN was the IUNS lifetime Achievement award to Professor Kraisid Tontisirin of Thailand. Our former IUNS Vice-President, Lindsay Allen, awarded the EV McCollum prize by the America Society for Nutrition, gave her award lecture at the ICN in Granada.  IUNS admitted 14 distinguished Nutrition scientists as Fellows. Of course there was the “IUNS Living Legend” session where we honored our senior colleagues for their many years of work to nutrition and have now retired from their labors. The names of the Living legends and the fellows are listed at our website. There was the “IUNS remembers Nevin Scrimshaw” session to celebrate a life well lived.  On the last day, I gave my acceptance speech. Considering many had to leave before the closing ceremony, the speech can be read through this link.

My Council is up and running. Please get to know your Council members (visit the IUNS website). I wish to capture here what my Council hopes to achieve in our 4-year mandate: i) we would like to see many strong Adhering Bodies. Stronger Adhering Bodies supporting weaker ones. If your Society is interested in participating in the twinning program, please let us know;  ii) Building the capacity of our young nutrition scientists will be our focus. We will soon share with you our planned activities in this regard; iii) IUNS statutes are in dire need of revision to bring them up to date with operations of a modern professional association. Council has started work on this. I will send you updates as we proceed.

I had the opportunity to send a goodwill message to the South East Asia Nutrition leadership Program on their 10th anniversary. This message is also relevant for our young nutrition scientists around the world.

It is that time of year again when the world looks forward to the special holidays in December.

May I take this opportunity, on behalf of Council, to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Anna Lartey
IUNS President


Older Messages

   IUNS President’s acceptance Speech
   (Prof Anna Lartey, Sept 20, 2013; Granada, Spain)

Dear Adhering Bodies, Distinguished Nutrition Scientists, ladies and gentlemen, First of all I take this opportunity to thank you for the confidence reposed in me, my Executives and entire Council in electing us to steer affairs of this distinguished global Union called International Union of Nutritional Sciences (IUNS) for the next four years.  My Council and I accept this responsibility and we will work together to meet your expectations.

Secondly, I thank the immediate past-President Prof Ibrahim Elmadfa and the outgoing  Council for steering affairs of IUNS for the past 4 years through exciting yet at times challenging moments. It has been an interesting 4 years. My Council will aim to build on their achievements.

Fellow Nutrition Scientists and ABs, it is no coincidence that a small woman from a small African Country (called Ghana) where malnutrition in the form of Kwashiorkor was first described by a British medical doctor (Dr. Cecily Williams) should be taking over the helm of affairs of our global Organization at this time. You will agree with me that these are exciting times for Nutrition, characterized by global challenges and opportunities.

Since IUNS was founded in 1946, this is only the second time that a woman has become President. The first woman to be elected President was Prof. Barbara Underwood and I salute her and thank her sincerely for her immense encouragement to me to take up this position. I am aware that I am stepping into her giant shoes, as the second woman. I also thank Prof Osman Galal for his encouragement and support.

The Year 2015 is the deadline we have set ourselves regarding the Millennium Development Goals (MDG). Soon we will have the post 2015 development agenda before us. IUNS has a huge role to play in meeting this agenda, especially when it comes to meeting the nutrition goals. Meeting these goals require a competent workforce of well-trained nutrition scientists working alongside other professionals. This is a responsibility and a challenge we cannot, and must not take lightly.

I wish to reiterate the fact that malnutrition is complex, and no one group can do it alone. We need to build effective partnerships to fight this menace. Building such partnerships also means working across sectors in multidisciplinary and multisectoral teams, and partnering with groups who have common goals.

As your president, I am constantly reminded of the IUNS vision that “to live a life without malnutrition is a fundamental human right…”; and I recognize that malnutrition in all its forms requires effective partnerships.

As your president, I promise to uphold the ideals and core values of our noble organization and to challenge and encourage all our adhering bodies, affiliates and partners to join with us in working to achieve our common goals.

We have just admitted into our IUNS Academy 14 distinguished Scientists as Fellows and one for his life time achievements and significant contribution to nutrition. I congratulate them all and at the same time, I wish to assure them that my Council will call on them to place their vast experience at the services of IUNS, especially in our capacity building efforts.

What will my Council hope to achieve in the next 4 years? Briefly: 1. We will strengthen our Adhering Bodies. We have some strong Adhering Bodies and many weak ones. My Council would like to see the situation where the strong Adhering Bodies hold the hands of the weaker ones and pull them up the ladder. 2. Capacity-building for our young scientists will be a major focus. This will be targeted at regional levels. 3. We will undertake the review of our Statutes and by-laws, as priority.  We will nominate an independent working group to examine them for areas of ambiguity and lack of clarity and suggest to the next General Assembly revised statutes for consideration. I consider this very important for the harmonious existence of IUNS, especially in the light of recent developments and the need to maintain a dynamic rather than static organization in the 21st Century. 4. I want to assure you that under my leadership, the IUNS Council will be open to ideas and suggestions on how we can serve our Adhering Bodies better; and contribute to global nutrition problem-solving. Please do not hesitate to contact me or our secretariat with any suggestions you may have.

We have been through a hectic 5-6 days here at this congress. I take the opportunity to thank the Spanish Nutrition Society, the Congress organizing Committee, especially the Chair of the Congress, Professor Angel Gill and his team for such an excellent congress. Prof Angel Gill, you are truly an angel.

Finally, to all the delegates and the entire IUNS family gathered here, I wish you all “Bon Voyage” and hope that we will see you again in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2017.

Thank and may God bless you all.