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Dear IUNS Adhering and Affiliated Bodies,

I bring you greetings and welcome you to our re-worked website. Please send us feedback and suggestions. Remember, we are here to serve you.

This year 2015 is a watershed year for the world. We have the sun set on the Millennium Development Goals and the sun rise on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). These are exciting times for nutrition. The SDG present another opportunity to move forward. As IUNS Adhering Bodies, I urge you ro remain engaged with the discussions over the SDG.

It is good to remind ourselves of the vision of IUNS. For us to live a life without Malnutrition (in all its forms) is a fundamental human right. The persistence of malnutrition in a world of plenty is immoral. Improving nutrition anywhere in the world is not a charity but a right for all.

Thankfully the atmosphere around nutrition is changing. Nutrition has climbe to the global agenda. I hope our Adhering Bodies would take advantage of this unique opportunity and advance the dialogue around nutrition in your countries. Remember, you are the professional mouth piece for nutrition. Position yourselves as the first point of call for information on nutrition. This requires us to update ourselves on the latest science. I have had the opportunity to attend a number of the regional nutrition conferences. The wealth of information from these meetings is impressive.

Let’s align ourselves fully with the mission of IUNS “to promote the advancement of the science of nutrition, research and development through international co-operation globally”.

My council has made capacity building one of its focuses. We are supporting young scientists to participate in regional nutrition conferences. We have introduced the re-integration grant for students from developing countries who graduate from Universities in developed countries to have a smooth transition into their careers in their home countries. We are encouraging our Taskforces to include early career nutrition scientists on their committees. ]

To end, I take this opportunity to remind you about the impending IUNS-ICN in Argentina schedules for 22-27 October, 2017. I look forward to seeing you all in Beunos Aires.

Thank you.

Anna Lartey

(IUNS President 2013-2017)