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IUNS Re-integration Grant for early career nutrition graduates

The International Union of Nutritional Sciences is the global umbrella Union for country and regional Nutrition Associations. IUNS seeks to promote advancement in nutritional science, research and development through international cooperation at the global level.

IUNS executes its work through task forces. Under the IUNS Task force on Capacity Development, a re-integration grant has been established for the period 2013-2017 tenure. This grant is to enable early career nutritionists who have completed their doctoral training in a developed country to start their career and or settle in their jobs in their home country.

Funds may be used for the purchase of books, laptops, set up office, support a pilot research, etc.

Three grants of $10,000 each will available for persons from the following regions: Africa (1 grant), Asia (1 grant) and Latin America (1 grant). Applicants must have completed their doctoral training in nutrition science within the last two years.

Application requirements:

  1. Filled application form (to be downloaded from IUNS website – link below)
  2. Supporting letter from main thesis supervisor
  3. Supporting letter from employer in home country
  4. Letter from Applicant indicating how grant funds would be applied; the letter should also indicate how the applicant would support the activities of the Nutrition Society in their home country.

Condition for application:

Applicants must come from countries which are Adhering Bodies of IUNS is in good standing. To verify the status of your country’s status please contact the secretariat at:

Applications for the Re-Integration grant are now closed and this page will be updated when they re-open.

IUNS Re-integration grant application form